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We strive to provide the best DNA testing service in the industry, with special emphasis on the following:

  • Rapid & reliable service by a company with professional staff
  • Easy access to expert consulting on test results
  • Most of our DNA tests can be covered by your insurance and if not we help you by finding a pay plan for your needs.

Most Requested Tests

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Paternity Test (Non-Clinical Test) For Attorneys Confirm biological family relationships.
Cytochrome P450 CYP450 Cytochrome 450(CYP 450) polymorphisms play an important role on how the patients respond to a drug.
K-RAS K-RAS K-RAS Exon 2 sequencing K-RAS. Codon 12,13 and 61 pathological variations found in Colorectal Cancer test no. 1333.
ME PANEL People of the Middle-East origin have a distinct genetic profile different from European or Ashkenazi Jewish population.
Muscle Disorders * GNE gene, HIBM/IBM2/DMRV/QSM/Nonaka GNE (HIBM/IBM2/DMRV/QSM/Nonaka), LGMD, and others.
Full sequence (gene)
Geno type (gene)
DNA Ancestry DNA Ancestry Full sequence of mitochondrial variable regions.
TCF7L2 gene sequence variants influence type 2 diabetes include its role in adipogenesis, myogenesis, and pancreatic islet development, as well as in beta-cell survival and insulin secretory granule function. Full sequence of TCF7L2 gene.
BRCA Sequencing Sequence of common variations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 for cancer risk
Molecular Profiling of Lung Cancer egfr Genotype for pathological variations in highly involve genes EGFR, HER2, ALK, RET.
Genetic Testing for Athletic Ability gene_fit_your_sport_ability Genotype for gene variations predicting your athletic ability genes involve ACE, ACTN3, ADRB2, AGT, COLA.

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