About FirmaLab

Our Mission:

FirmaLab is engaged in clinical testing services, we combine state-of-the-art genetic testing with comprehensive interpretation of test results. FirmaLab was organized to speed service for personalized medicine using molecular genetic testing that can improve medical decision. Incorporating patient clinical familial history, predicting risk/prognosis to guide and tailor the most specific medical management giving the correct treatment alternatives. Our mission includes accomplishing this goal in the most efficient manner possible, with special emphasis on considerations of results/duration/cost value of biomedical research activities.

Our Vision:

Increasing public awareness of the relationship between genetics and personal health has increased the demand for molecular genetic testing. The utility of molecular genetic testing is imperative in many settings as a preventive test for prenatal, newborn and carrier screening, as well as testing in high-risk families, are included.

Our Values:

FirmaLab employees and volunteers are our most valued resource, and are encouraged to achieve excellence in their field on a daily basis. Additionally, FirmaLab believes teamwork and dedication are the keys to success, and sharing of knowledge and skills are the focal point of these keys. Together, with our clients, we will pursue achieving excellence in genetic testing services that can optimally help patients.

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