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A State-of-the-Art Solution To The COVID-19 Pandemic

Pandemic Response Lab provides high-volume, low-cost testing, and variant detection to communities across the U.S. as well as school “pool testing” as low as $1 per child



PRL offers hospitals SARS-CoV-2 surveillance and variant tracking utilizing gold standard PCR with included sequencing at volume for 1/4 market cost

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PRL is the only nationwide solution offering sub-24 hour COVID testing at public-health scale with automated sequencing essential for variant tracking

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PRL uses automated sample accessioning and innovations in assay sensitivity to help labs run a greater amount of panels, as well as larger and more complex ones, cheaper and more quickly than they could with their own infrastructure.

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Schools & Businesses

PRL is forming nationwide partnerships to reopen schools with pool testing for as low as $1 per child – the lowest cost in the nation. PRL also helps businesses of all sizes ensure regular testing of all staff in a consistent, affordable way.

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Gold-standard accuracy with <24 hour turnaround time costing 50% < national average

We’ve achieved this through innovations in science and robotics to create widespread testing capacity and sub-24 hour/accurate results at a cost that easily allows for high-frequency testing.

This combination enables us to deliver meaningful impact to our nation’s schools, government, hospitals, and corporations in combating this pandemic—and all future diagnostic testing needs

The Nation's Most Expansive Testing Lab

Using our robotics background and partnerships within the diagnostics industry, PRL custom-built a testing solution for the pandemic and beyond, to deliver a meaningful impact on a variety of sectors.

“The Pandemic Response Lab gives us a guarantee that tens of thousands of tests can be done everyday.”

Bill de Blasio
Mayor, New York City

Opentrons announces $200 million Series C funding | READ MORE