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High-throughput testing for labs

Increase your lab’s diagnostic capacity with low cost, quick, gold standard PCR testing services from FirmaLab


Sub-contract your COVID-19 testing, respiratory panels, sequencing, and pooling



Volume-based and costing 50% less than the national average



FirmaLab delivers 50,000 PCR tests/day with 6-12 hour turnaround time. Respiratory panels have 24 hour turnaround time. Sequencing results delivered in 3-7 days.



Gold standard PCR testing with 5 times greater sensitivity than industry benchmarks. Respiratory panels have 98% sensitivity, 1% higher than market leader and 3% higher than industry average.



FirmaLab is legally certified to run overflow COVID-19 testing under P4 Clinical’s CLIA certification.

FirmaLab requires a minimum of 300 tests per day.

FirmaLab can support saliva swabs with < 1mL of sample. For samples of > 3mL we only accept nasopharyngeal swab. FirmaLab is also integrated, including both variant sequencing testing and pooling — unlike any other industrial diagnostic facility.

FirmaLab provides testing kits — sample tubes, swabs, and bags — but you can use your own. FirmaLab can provide up to 500,000 kits within two weeks to get started. Firmalabla can also arrange pickups for you at $30 per pickup.

FirmaLab utilizes a proprietary scientific assay that can detect the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in as little as 200 mL of sample while retaining gold standard industry accuracy.

Turnaround time (TAT) for 99% of tests between 6-24 hours.

FirmaLab can integrate with multiple LIMS systems. Compatibility depends on multiple factors including tube size, storage requirements, solution, reagent kits, and sample state.

FirmaLab has labs in California and Washington D.C. and will soon be opening labs in Los Angeles and Seattle. FirmaLab is exploring opening additional labs across the country.

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