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FirmaLab is a biomedical diagnostic laboratory, providing DNA testing service for helping patients and doctors confirm genetic variations that affects drug metabolic rates, confirm rare genetic disorders, clarify biological relationships such as paternity, and for helping attorneys confirm human identity and forensic evidence. FirmaLab is a unique laboratory involved in both clinical testing and collaborative biomedical research.

Information For Physicians & Clinicians

Roughly 10 million points of genetic variation are distributed across our DNA, and those variations make us who we are as individuals. However, some of those variants are pathological or diseases related, and the challenge for scientists is to distinguish between harmless variants and those that are potentially hazardous to our health. We have expert scientists to help you find and distinguish those pathological variations.

We are Medicare and Medi-Cal enrolled, and we accept most PPO plans. The forms required to request the genetic tests (requisition forms) are listed below. Specimen collection and shipping instructions are included inside requisition forms:

Certificates, Licenses, and Accreditation

Tests Offered at FirmaLab

The following are some of the tests offered at FirmaLab. Click on each test for more information.

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